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IT WAS A FORTNIGHT AGO that the creature descended upon you in the dark. The searing pain in your neck, a slumber deeper than you've ever known, and then the violent hunger. You've become a creature you once thought only existed in fables and nightmares: a vampire. You soon discover you are not alone in your damnation. You manage to acquire the location of a fellow vampire and begin to write to them. 

The world around you changes with the centuries, but delivery of the written word stays comfortably the same. So you write and share with your companion tales of your cursed existence along the unlit path.


Our games got a really kind shout out from the team at Dicebreaker in a recent episode of their podcast. Give it a listen here around 24:08.


Designed specifically to be played through the mail, The Unlit Path has two players using regular playing cards as prompts as they write and send correspondences as vampires wandering the world and watching the centuries sail by. However they do not draw their own prompts. Instead, with each letter players send, they'll enclose a playing card to inspire their partner's reply. No GM needed.

Download includes a two-sided 8 1/2x11 trifold guide to play the game. Both you and your partner will need a copy of the rules (no need to purchase twice, just send the pdf to the other player), a six-sided die, a deck of regular playing cards, paper, postage, and envelopes. 

For a single player solo variant, simply create the deck as instructed, follow directions for the opening entries and play as though keeping a journal as your character. Add in additional cards for longer games if desired. 

If, for any reason, you are unable to purchase at this time, DM me through twitter (@tozieer) for a download key, no questions asked. 

Created by Daniel Tozier 
Check out my other games here: adventurebymail.itch.io

Photo by Cassi Josh via Unsplash.
(Inspired by Adira Slattery's The Machine)


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Just started a game with a friend of mine, and the prompts are brilliant (also, the mechanic is straightforward and makes sense, which is great). Really enjoying it so far. This is also a great way of fleshing out a character for a story.

Thank you so much for the review and kind words. Glad you're enjoying the game!